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Youth: Click here to enrol An online term enrolment must be completed prior to attending you first FREE trial class.

> General Circus Classes:

CircoBats focuses on  training an all rounded circus performer. These classes progress from developing basic co-ordination, circus fundamentals, tumbling and apparatus skills. Classes range from 1.5 years and up!
Why Circus? Click here for information on how circus doesn't just build your child's skill set but also builds skills for life!

 All ages are guides only.

 Bubba Bats: 1.5 -3 years

This class focuses on developing basic movement skills, cross patterning and creative exploration!

Micro Bats:
3-6 years

This class focuses on developing basic movement skills, cross patterning and creative exploration!
At this age we begin to introduce waiting in lines and partner work to develop the child's patience, teamwork and spacial awareness all whilst in a fun  and creative environment.

Blossom Bats: 5-8 years (5 years if already attending full-time school)
In Blossom Bats we introduce the fundamentals to all areas of the circus arts.
This includes tumbling, aerials, hand apparatus and acrobatics.

Wattle Bats: 9-12 years
Building upon the skills learnt in Blossom Bats, this class naturally progresses the child's skill set in all areas of the circus arts.
However it is not a prerequisite to have attended a Blossom Bats class is you are between 9-12 years. This class still allows for beginners to learn the fundamentals!

Mega Bats:  12+ 
A great class for tweens and teens! This class is for those new to circus and those just wanting to continue to perfect their circus skills! 
Students will be introduced to all areas of the circus arts however will begin to have the opportunity to choose areas of speciality.


Mega Bats Advanced:  This class is by invitation only.


Home School Circus: 4-15 years

Are you currently a home-school student? Come and participate in a fun, active and challenging circus class. The Home School Circus class encourages teamwork, coordination, basic movement and apparatus specific skills. Classes run for 2 hours but you can drop in and stay for as little or as long as you like.


> Aerial Classes: 5-14 years (junior)

For students wanting to advance their aerial skills, this class enables students to train in Aerial Silks, Trapeze and Lyra specifically. Classes range from beginner to advanced.

>Tumbling Classes: 

Tumbling For dancers: 6-12
For dancers aiming to develop their tumbling skills. Suitable for most ages with an intermediate - advanced skill level.



All classes to be paid in full by week 4 of the term or casual rates apply.
Please contact the administrator for payment options if required. We are more than happy to work with you!

Bubba Bats: $125

Micro Bats: $140

Blossom Bats: $160

Wattle Bats: $160

Mega Bats: $180

Home School Circus: 1hr - $160, 1.5hr - $180

Aerial Classes: 1hr  junior- $160, 1.25hr  senior- $180

Tumbling / Acro Dance Classes: $160

*All prices are based on a 10 week term*


PLEASE BE MINDFUL THAT MAKE-UP CLASSES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IF THERE IS ROOM IN ANOTHER CLASS AND DO NOT ROLL OVER FROM ONE TERM TO THE NEXT. Please FB message re make-up classes and we will advise if there is availability. We are sorry we are unable as a small school to guarantee make-up classes.


Discounts Available:

Sibling Discount 

  • CircoBats offers a 10% discount for a second child in the same family that is enrolled during the same period
  • CircoBats offers a 20% discount for a third (& subsequent) child in the same family that is enrolled during the same period.

Concession Discount - CircoBats offers a discount for participants who hold a Blue Centrelink or Full time Tertiary Student card. A CircoBats administration staff member must sight the concession card each term and the class participant must be named on the card to receive the discount.


School Sports Vouchers

Please click here for information for school sports vouchers. 

Please click here to download school sports vouchers application form. 



All student enrolments occur a one-off fee per annum of $50. This covers our Gymnastics SA registration and Insurance costs. We have kept this amount extremely low and this just covers our cost per student. Unfortunately, Insurance is expensive. But this fee covers you for all registrations with any group that is affiliated with Gym SA (ie kinder-gyms etc). We also pay for the additional insurance for our aerial activities from class fees.